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Visit Mont Saint-Michel and its region

Iconic sites, globally recognized, they present unique specificities on multiple planes: religious, historical, architectural, environmental ...
After a century of investigations, studies, controversies, in 1994 a large-scale project was born to try to restore the maritime character of Mont-Saint-Michel, more and more compromised by a galloping sinking of Mont -even.
For 20 years, the bay has been the scene of exceptional work aimed at restoring the maritime character of the Mount by reducing and stopping its running galloping.
One of the consequences was the highlighting of unsuspected facets of the bay without forgetting the new structures built or developed to obtain results already at the rendezvous and in line with the expectations of the designers of the project.   
A new Mont-Saint-Michel is offered to visitors, pilgrims and tourists, becoming a site of discoverable discoveries SUMMER like WINTER, this last season offering particular charms.
Thus, Mont-Saint Michel is once again a destination of choice that tourist operators can offer to their customers.
Nevertheless, the image of the Mont, already somewhat damaged by the regrettable behavior of certain tourist actors but also by the decisions and the contestable choices of the authorities in charge of the requalification of the site, contributes to obscure these new assets offered by the transformed site.

Our objective

Mont-Saint-Michel Voyages, a receptive agency from a local family group, aims to offer and organize the reception, both groups and individuals by offering tours, stays, circuits that can also extend to the most representative sites in the region. In her local approach, she relies on her restaurant Ferme St-Michel, recognized as one of the best tables of the place by TRIPADVISOR, the Fork, Michelin and a fast food, the Garden of Anouck which proposes to taste local products, on site in a rural setting or with packed lunches. These benefits have as a common point to offer a caring welcome, quality catering at the fair price.
The access code and parking are offered to our customers, pilgrims and tourists, on the private parking of our restaurant La Ferme Saint-Michel, thus mitigating the obstacles to access to the Mount.
Professionals of tourism come to discover this site, flagship of our inheritance, again become the symbol of the marvelous.